Pro Bono

The firm is deeply committed to advancing equality under the law. We are on the cutting edge of civil rights work, often serving as counsel in matters making national headlines.

The commitment to ensuring that marginalized people and communities are not denied equal rights is at the core of our pro bono work.

Insights and News

Justice for Trafficking Victims

Partnering with the Southern Poverty Law Center, we represented hundreds of Filipino teachers who were lured into exploitive contracts as part of their participation in a federal guest worker program. The suit resulted in a $4.48M verdict for our clients and established important precedents in protecting victims of human trafficking, including to demonstrate that federal statutory trafficking protections can be applied on a class-wide basis.

Marriage Equality

Covington has a strong history of supporting marriage equality. In Maryland, Covington served as Marylanders for Marriage Equality’s principal outside legal counsel during the General Assembly’s consideration of the Civil Marriage Protection Act, the Maryland Marriage Alliance’s petition effort, and the campaign to win the popular vote. In DC, the firm represented a coalition of same-sex marriage supporters in the defense of equality legislation. Covington also played a role in challenging the constitutionality of California Proposition 8, which amended the California Constitution and eliminated the right of same-sex couples to marry.